Bat Those Lashes With Pride! Five Fake Types Of Eyelashes And How To Apply Them

If you were not blessed with thick, spidery-long, bedroom-eye eyelashes, you at least have lots of options for fake lashes. Even if your lashes are lovely, you can still use lash extensions to make your eyes even more glamorous. The following five fake types of eyelashes work for the beginner to advanced applier.

Basic Fakes

Basic fake lashes come with "glue" at the bases of the strings of lashes. They are stick-on, pull-off lashes that anybody can use. Buy them in almost any length, stick them on, trim them to fit your lids, blend them with your natural eyelashes using a good mascara, and you are good to go.

Glamour Fakes

Glamour fake lashes have crystals, glitter, bright colors, and special effects attached to them. Because their decorations make them a little heavier, you have to learn how to use a separate lash glue. Then you have to let them dry before doing anything else to them. A lash glue remover helps remove the lashes when you want to take them off again.

Synthetic Extensions

Synthetic extensions are a basic premium lash. They are glued on one by one with a semi-permanent glue. The purpose of these lashes is to provide a little thickness or longer lashes where your own are lacking. 

Silk Lashes 

Silk lashes feel a little more real. They are softer, silkier and made from silk threads that have been stiffened and shaped. Eyelash glue is needed to carefully add each lash to your own. As is with mink lashes, this process will take a couple of hours, but you can heat-curl these lashes. (Heat-curling synthetic lashes is not recommended.)

Mink Lashes

When you really want luxury and luxurious lashes, go for the mink. As the name implies, each of these lashes is made from the ultra-soft fur of the mink. These lashes are the most natural-looking, most natural-feeling lashes you can buy. They are, obviously, the most expensive lashes you can buy, but if you want to splurge for a special occasion, these lashes are perfect.

A Word on Lash-Growing Products

Right now, you could use a prescription product that makes your lashes grow longer on their own. However, there are many risks involved, including losing your sight, skin discolorations, and total loss of all eyelashes if you abruptly stop using such a product. It is safer, better, and smarter to use some sort of lash extensions.