3 Signs You Need Preventative Botox

You might think of people using Botox once they already have wrinkles. It's true that it's a treatment many people look for when they're already dealing with wrinkly skin. However, you can get Botox before you get wrinkles too.

1. Your Skin Is Starting to Show Some Signs of Aging

Most people don't just wake up one day with wrinkles on their face. Instead, these signs often start showing themselves rather slowly. You might notice a few fine lines, or you may notice that the texture of your skin is changing a little bit. If you've been noticing these things, then you might have already started dreading the wrinkles that you might be worried will soon follow. You do not actually have to wait until the wrinkles appear to do something about them, though. Along with changing your skincare routine to match the changing needs of your skin, you should consider preventative Botox to help prevent even more signs of aging from showing.

2. You're Genetically Predisposed to Wrinkles

Some people are just genetically predisposed to wrinkles. That's why you might see older people who have always taken great care of themselves and their skin still having lots of wrinkles, while you might see others who might not have always taken good care of their skin sporting faces with youthful appearances. If a lot of the people in your family seem to be wrinkly, then there's that added chance that you might end up being wrinkly, too. Preventative Botox can help you fight genetics and still look nice and youthful as you get older.

3. Your Lifestyle Puts You More at Risk of Wrinkles

There are a lot of lifestyle factors that come into play when it comes to just how wrinkly a person will get and just how soon these wrinkles will start showing. You might have always heard that drinking lots of water, staying out of the sun, avoiding smoking and excessive drinking and using good face care products were steps you should have been taking to take good care of your skin. If you didn't always heed this advice, then you could be facing more wrinkles in your future, even if they haven't shown up just yet. Preventative Botox can help you maintain youthful skin for longer, even if various aspects of your lifestyle might have put you at more of a risk of showing signs of aging on your face and the rest of your skin.