How To Fade Dark Skin Spots

The sun can really do a number on your skin if you aren't careful. You may have dark spots or acne scars that have darkened in the sunlight, leaving you with marks on your face that you are constantly trying to cover. Covering them with makeup is only a short-term answer to your skin problem. Fading the scars and dark spots will give you back your beautiful natural skin without the need for makeup. Read on for tips on how to fade dark skin spots.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Prevent new dark spots by wearing sunscreen anytime you are out in the sun. Whether it's 80 degrees or 25 degrees, if you're in the sun, you need to wear sun protection on your skin. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 on your exposed skin when in the sunlight. The sun may not feel as hot in the winter months, but it can do just as much damage. You can also use a moisturizer that contains SPF for a dual purpose or makeup with SPF in it. Just be sure you are protected.


Exfoliating is important to promote cell turnover and to slough off dead skin cells. This is a natural way to fade acne scars or dark spots on the skin. Look for cleansers that have exfoliating beads in them, or you can use an exfoliating pad while cleaning your face in the shower or at night. Only exfoliate a few days per week; doing so daily may result in dry skin, and dry skin will cause more oil production, which could cause more acne for you.

Use A Derma Roller

A derma roller uses fine needles to open up your pores and to allow more oxygen to your face. It can help reduce dark spots, improve skin tone and texture. You can find derma rollers at your local salon retailer or online. Use it at night before bed and after cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. Follow it up with a toner and then a sheer moisturizer.

Leave Acne Alone

Acne can easily scar and leave you with marks on your skin that will darken in the sunlight. If you have acne, treat it by using a gentle face wash. Do not pick at your acne or try to pop the pimples. If your acne is extreme, see a dermatologist for help getting rid of this type of acne, as you may need acne medication. Keep your hands off of your face to prevent spreading oils to your face and causing more acne. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin clear and your skin hydrated.

Dark spots can make you appear older than you are and can be a pain to try and cover with makeup. Fade your dark spots by using the tips above, and go to a professional skin care salon for help. For more information, contact a company like A Defined Image Med Spa.