What To Expect From A Weight Loss Program Offered By A Medical Spa

In theory, losing weight seems simple—a person just needs to burn more calories than they consume. But, in reality, losing weight is a struggle for many people and they find that they can't achieve the weight loss that they desire. In this type of situation, joining a weight loss program offered by a medical spa can provide solutions to the problem. When a medical spa offers weight loss programs, the program is overseen by a physician and other medical professionals. This means that you will have the support and sound medical advice needed to lose weight safely and effectively. If you are interested in weight loss services offered by a medical spa, continue reading to learn more about what to expect.

Medical Exam

Before you can start a weight loss program, you will need a medical exam. There are many reasons that people have a difficult time losing weight, and in some cases it may be related to an underlying medical issue. During your medical exam, you will have blood drawn, and a full blood panel will be done to check a variety of things, such as blood sugar levels and thyroid function. The results of your blood panel will help the staff at the medical spa tailor a weight loss program for you.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Every person is different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight. When you enroll in a weight loss program at a medical spa, you can count on your program to be personalized for your unique needs. Staff will work with you to develop a healthy meal plan that will promote weight loss while also providing all of the nutrients you need. You will also be given a personalized workout plan that will fit your schedule and fitness level.

Weekly Tracking

Most weight loss programs offered by medical spas include weekly tracking in the office. Tracking your results will help you realize your progress; if your weight loss plan is not working for you, the professionals at the medical spa can make changes and improvements to help you take the weight off. During your visits to the medical spa to track your practice, you can count on support and advice from the staff.

Appetite Suppressants

In some cases, a physician may prescribe an appetite suppressant to help jump start your weight loss. This can be very helpful, especially if you find that you're always hungry or have a difficult time limiting the amount of food that you eat. If your doctor prescribes an appetite suppressant, you will be closely monitored to ensure that the suppressant works well for you and doesn't have any negative side effects.