Face Starting To Age? What You Can Do To Reverse The Hands Of Time

Father Time can be quite the formidable opponent. Regardless of how many years you may have enjoyed a youthful appearance, time has a way of stepping in and changing things up in very covert ways. The smile lines that used to quickly disappear when you relaxed your face might still stand strong long after the laughter is over, and the crinkles that once only appeared with worry never seem to go away. If you want to get back to looking your absolute best, there are a number of things you can do. Let this article give you some amazing tips on how you can regain that youthful appearance again.

Botox Can Do Wonders For Your Skin

More important than fighting the signs of aging as they appear is doing everything in your power to keep them from showing up and growing deeper in the first place. Getting botox is an excellent way for you to combat those dreaded wrinkles and possibly hold them at bay so you can retain the glowing looks that get you noticed.

One reason why wrinkles start to show up is due to a loss of collagen. Collagen is the volumizing material that is found in the skin which gradually starts to wear down as you grow older. A good example of this effect occurs when you inflate a balloon. The wrinkles and creases that you see in the balloon when it is deflated instantly disappear the moment you fill it up with oxygen or helium. Collagen does this for your skin, but after it starts to break down, the volume gradually leaves the skin and the wrinkles, bags, and creases start to show up with a vengeance.

Replace The Action Of Collagen With Botox

Botox is essentially designed to act as a replica of natural collagen. When the dermatologist or authorized skincare professional injects the Botox into your skin, it replaces the missing volume that was lost when your collagen went away. As your skin plumps up, you should notice that just as the air in a balloon removes those wrinkled places, the Botox has a similar effect as it moves in and erases the blemishes that threaten your appearance.

Getting Botox might be as simple as taking a long lunch and heading over to a certified spa location to have the procedure done. Do yourself a favor, and make an appointment to get Botox so you're able to hold back the hands of time as long as possible.