Planning A Bridal Shower? 3 Unique Ideas To Consider

Whether planning one for yourself, a friend, or a family member who is getting married, a bridal shower can be a great way to get everyone together to celebrate the bride. In the past, a traditional bridal shower consisted of opening gifts and playing silly games, such as creating a wedding dress out of toilet tissue. While enjoyable, a more unique idea will ensure the shower is fun and memorable. Here are a few unique ideas to consider when planning a bridal shower.

Wine Tasting

A bridal shower does not have to be at someone's home, church, or restaurant. Consider planning a getaway to a local winery to enjoy a wine-tasting bridal shower. A wine-tasting shower is great for celebrating a bride who loves wine, but it is also smart, since most of the bride's friends and family probably also love wine.

In some instances, planning a wine-tasting shower may require a weakened getaway. If possible, search for wineries within driving distance to make travel a bit easier. Consider renting a van, a condo, or a mountain cabin that will accommodate all of the shower's guests. You can also use this time to not only have the shower, but also a bachelorette party, since you will have everyone together already.

Beauty Shower

Another great option for the bridal shower is to bring in beauty technicians and professionals to perform various services on the bride and shower guests.

A mobile nail salon can bring equipment to your home or other location, so pedicures and manicures can be provided to the bride and other guests. With a large selection of nail colors and nail supplies, the bride and each of the guests will be able to find a nail look suited to their needs and personality.

In addition to a nail technician, schedule a massage therapist and skincare technician. The bride and guests will enjoy relaxing massage treatments, facials, and other services that will make them feel great and look wonderful.

Outdoor Shower

If the bride enjoys spending time in nature, consider planning an outdoor shower. Fortunately, there are many outdoor locations and activities that will work for the shower.

A scavenger hunt at the bride's favorite park, a picnic-style shower at a local farm, a sunset cruise, or a hike through the woods can all become a memorable event the bride will love.

 Planning a bridal shower does not have to be boring or overwhelming. This guide will offer a few unique solutions that may appeal to the bride and shower guests.