Is Scarring Necessary To Remove Unwanted Fat?

If you've lost weight or maintained a healthy weight all your life but still have stubborn areas of fat that just won't go away, chances are high that you've thought of doing something about it. However, you may have held back due to concerns that you would have to put up with surgical scars. It's understandable if you're worried about that since surgical scars can make people feel self-conscious. However, the good news is, you don't need to worry about that. Read on to discover the method that you can try that won't leave you with any scarring.

Why It Used to Be

In the old days, liposuction was one of the only methods of removing unwanted areas of fat. To be fair, liposuction is still a remarkable technique that can literally suck out areas of fat that are bothering a person. Unfortunately, though, it requires multiple surgical incisions to perform the procedure. As a result, you can have small scars left behind in the areas where you've had the procedure performed.

Today's Alternative

The good news is that liposuction isn't the only avenue out there anymore. You can now look to coolsculpting for the help you need.

Coolsculpting is a method that uses your body's own capabilities to break down fat cells. By using extreme cold, coolsculpting triggers cell death in fat cells. These cells start to shrivel up and are gradually carried away by the body's own immune system. This means that over a short period of time, you can see significant improvements in the shape and firmness of your body. And since the cold is applied from the outside of your body, there's no need for any kind of surgery or incisions to be made, so there's no risk of scarring.

What to Expect

Getting coolsculpting is a very simple process. After a basic health screening, you'll have an appointment made to have the procedure performed.

Coolsculpting is performed on bare skin that's had a protectant gel applied to it. When you're ready, the coolsculpting device will be latched on to the area where you want the fat to be broken down - for example, a love handle or a thigh - and then the cooling process will start. It will be cold, but it's completely safe and your skin will be fine. The process usually takes less than an hour to be completed.

Once the coolsculpting is complete, you'll be able to go back to your daily routine right away. Rest assured that the fat cells are now dead - it's just up to your body to remove them. In the weeks to come, you'll see significant improvements in firmness, and all without any evidence that you had a cosmetic procedure done.

For more information on coolsculpting, contact a spa near you.