Problems With Unwanted Facial Hair? A Professional Spa Wax Is Best

Unwanted facial hair is a common problem for many women, so it comes as no surprise that many women have turned to wax as a solution for their hair growth concerns. Given its popularity, it is fairly easy to find a location to perform these services. However, just because a business is offering the service, it does not mean it is adequate. Receiving your waxing treatments at a professional spa is often a better choice.

Pre and Post Treatment

Whenever you have your face waxed, you should not simply sit down, have the wax applied to your face, and then walk out. There are pre and post-treatments that must be performed to ensure your skin is properly cared for. 

For example, the skin will either need to be cleaned with a cleanser or alcohol before the wax application, and a lightweight soothing agent must be applied post-wax to prevent clogging of your pores. This type of service is not something you receive when you visit an inexperienced person to perform your wax services. 

When Not to Wax

The professionals who work at spas are trained. They do not just simply know how to operate the waxing equipment; they know a lot more. As a result, before any waxing session, a technician will look over the condition of your skin to ensure that you can have the wax treatment performed. 

If you have open wounds or are experiencing a severe acne breakout, you should not have your face waxed as your skin is at an elevated risk of irritation. If you have your face waxed by a person who is not aware of this, your skin could scar. A waxing session at a spa means that you are being treated by a trained professional.

Healthy Skin Care

Entrusting a spa professional to meet your waxing needs can also help ensure your skin remains vibrant and clear. Waxing, particularly when not performed correctly, can lead to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs cause unsightly bumps, are at risk of infection, and can cause redness. A spa professional will not only wax your skin correctly to avoid this mishap but also schedule you for a facial a few days before your wax appointment. 

As part of the facial, the technician will thoroughly exfoliate your skin to reduce the inflammation the ingrown hair has caused. As a result, when you have your wax appointment, the technician will be able to properly remove the hair at the root to reveal hairless, but also smooth skin.

Removing your unwanted hair is important, but it is equally important that you properly care for your skin. Visit a spa like Euphoria day spa to have all your hair removal needs meet.