3 Qualities That A Superior Quality Hot Tub Should Have

An excellent hot tub will take your spa from just fine to the most amazing experience for your clients. It should offer enough room for both individual relaxation and couple experiences, and at the same time, offer enough autonomy so that the user can be in complete control of their tub experience.

However, with the many tub brands, designs, materials, and models in the market, it can be challenging to determine what works best for your spa. The best way to choose one to install is by inspecting the qualities in the models you are interested in. Always look for these three key qualities. 

The Material Used to Make the Shell of the Tub

 The most commonly used materials to make hot tubs are molded plastic, acrylic, and vinyl. The good thing about plastic tubs is that they are made from tough plastics that can handle high temperatures well. Plastic is also easy to maintain and has an elegant matte finish. Acrylic tubs are made using molded acrylic, strengthened with resin and fiberglass. These shells are quite strong and durable, and they have a beautiful glossy finish.

Vinyl tubs are usually placed outdoors because they handle external temperatures well. They usually contain UV inhibitors to protect them from fading as a result of prolonged direct contact with the sun.

The Cabinets Attached to the Tubs

In a spa environment, you want a tub that is both functional and pleasing to the eyes. The cabinet is the exterior part of the tub that people get to see when they walk to the tub. It should be made from a classy, well-finished, and attractive material. The cabinet should also be durable, and if your tub is located outdoors, it should be resistant to rough weather conditions. Commonly used materials include engineered wood, vinyl, and polished plastic.

Cabinets come in a variety of colors and finishes so that you can use the one that matches your general décor.

The Special Features

At the basic level, the hot water tub should have a basin for the water, a source of water, and a heating mechanism. However, a tub that has additional features such as blower controls, lights, massage jets, temperature controllers, and other features take the tub experience to the next level.

Ask about all these qualities before settling on a tub. Remember that a spa tub is more about the experience than the function, and be a little generous with the type of tub you invest in.