4 Benefits Of Water-Resistant Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions fulfill the same function as false eyelashes. Unlike false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are designed to be worn for weeks. Lash extensions are glued to your existing eyelashes, giving them a secure hold that won't irritate your skin. You can choose synthetic or human hair lash extensions. Some of these extensions are even resistant to water damage. Here are four benefits of water-resistant eyelash extensions:

1. Simplify your makeup routine.

Many people apply makeup to enhance their favorite features. It's common for people to wear eye makeup to draw attention to their beautiful eyes. However, applying makeup can be time-consuming, and you may not always want to put in the effort. Eyelash extensions can help you simplify your makeup routine. You can skip several of your usual steps as long as you're wearing lash extensions.

2. Give your eyes a break from mascara.

Many people use mascara to enhance their natural eyelashes. Mascara can make your lashes look longer and thicker. However, it's also prone to smudging and flaking. Some people experience eye irritation from wearing mascara but still want the beautiful results it produces. This is where eyelash extensions can come in handy. Lash extensions can offer all the benefits of mascara with none of the drawbacks. Wearing lash extensions will make your lashes look thicker, longer, and more defined. You won't have to wear mascara as long as you're wearing your lash extensions.

3. Wash your face normally.

Typically, eyelash extensions need to be kept away from water as much as possible since water has a way of weakening the adhesive used to hold the extensions on your lashes. However, water-resistant lash extensions can stand up to a little bit of water. This will allow you to wash your face as normal, without specifically avoiding your eyes. You should still avoid scrubbing your lash extensions directly, but you don't need to worry if you splash some water on your eyes by accident.

4. Enhance your natural femininity.

Eyelash extensions can help you bring out your natural beauty. Long, beautiful eyelashes are often considered ideal. You can create the appearance of naturally long, curly, healthy eyelashes using eyelash extensions. Your lash extensions will make your eyes look bigger, which is another trait that is often sought after. You can enhance the effect even more by darkening your lash line with just a little bit of eyeshadow or eyeliner.