Services Body-Conscious People Can Enjoy At A Day Spa

If you're a very body-conscious person, then the idea of visiting a day spa may not immediately appeal to you. Massages, mud baths, and the like may make you feel anxious, rather than pampered. But you should know that there are many treatments offered at your average day spa that are less likely to trigger your body-consciousness. Here are a few that you may find more enjoyable.


If you don't mind someone touching your hands, then getting a manicure can be a lovely way to pamper yourself. The fact that you can see and watch everything the nail technician is doing is likely to make you feel more comfortable during this service. A manicure is often more than having your nails painted, too. Especially at a day spa, a manicure will often include a hand massage, which can help you feel really relaxed and at-ease. It will also involve some deep moisturizing treatments, which will leave your hands feeling as lovely as they look.


For some body-conscious people, having a facial still feels like too much. But for others, a facial is the perfect service because it lets them feel relaxed and pampered without having to remove any clothing or have someone touch the rest of their body. If you do feel comfortable having a facial performed, there are so many different options to choose from. A facial that includes some microdermabrasion can be excellent for relieving dry skin. One that includes a chemical mask can be good for acne and blemishes. Let the spa staff recommend a facial that is a good fit for your skin's needs.

Hair Treatments

Maybe you feel most comfortable letting someone work on just your hair. You can get a lot more than your average haircut at a day spa. Many spas offer a variety of intensive treatments that can help you feel pampered while also enhancing your hair. You could have a hot oil treatment to add moisture and help fight frizz, or a keratin treatment to straighten out your locks. Often, your practitioner will add in a scalp massage to help you feel even more relaxed and at-ease as they work on your hair.

If you're a body-conscious person, getting a massage may not appeal to you, but there are still plenty of ways you can relax and enjoy some pampering at a day spa. The services above are all good places to start. 

For more information, contact a local day spa