An Enzyme Facial Brightens, Tightens, And Tones Your Skin

A spa facial can give you glowing skin and address issues you have, such as fine wrinkles or acne. An esthetician at the spa can analyze your skin and determine the right type of facial for you. One you might want to try is an enzyme therapy facial. These are made from plant enzymes and have several effects on your skin. Here are some skin improvements you may see from one of these facials.

Your Skin May Look Brighter

The plant enzymes are painted on your skin and left in place until they dry and tighten. This allows the enzymes to penetrate your skin while at the same time drawing out toxins and exfoliating surface cells. One result of this treatment is that your skin will appear brighter with a more even skin tone. You may appreciate this effect if you have dark splotches on your face from sun damage.

Enzyme Treatments Can Shrink Pores

If you have enlarged pores, an enzyme facial can help reduce their size to improve the appearance of your skin. It does this by pulling the debris from your pores and then tightening them so the pores return to their normal size. Enzyme treatments can also help with acne, but your esthetician may recommend spacing the treatments further apart than if you don't have acne.

Your Skin May Feel Firmer And More Hydrated

Absorbing the plant enzymes into your skin plumps your skin so it feels firmer, looks tighter, and appears more hydrated. This can even give your skin a more youthful look by diminishing wrinkles and giving your skin a lift. You'll get immediate results from one of these skin treatments, but you'll also get cumulative results when you take them in a series.

Your esthetician can recommend the number of facials you'll need and how often you should get them. When you achieve your desired look, you can reduce the frequency to maintain your youthful glow.

Enzymes Stimulate Collagen Production

The enzyme treatments can have long-lasting effects and allow you to see improvements over time due to the ability of the enzymes to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen. Since collagen is lost with age, boosting the level of collagen helps your skin regain some of its youthful tone and lift.

Enzymes Increase Blood Flow For Glowing Skin

An enzyme treatment increases blood flow in your skin, and that's beneficial for improving the health of your skin. It also helps your skin have a nice glow. This type of facial can improve the appearance of your skin before an event when you want a bright, glowing complexion.