Laser Hair Removal Vs. Waxing: What You Need To Know

Should you make the switch from waxing to laser hair removal? If waxing is the mainstay of your regular hair removal routine, take a look at the top reasons to choose laser treatments. 

Your Skin Is Sensitive To the Waxing Products

Does wax leave your legs, face, or sensitive bikini zone red, itchy, and irritated? If you sacrifice comfort for smooth skin, waxing isn't the answer. While wax won't irritate everyone's skin, some people don't react well to these types of products. If you've tried a few different waxing options and still feel uncomfortable, consider a professional laser hair removal service.

Not only can wax cause irritation of sensitive skin, but it could also result in a shave bump-like rash. The inflammation caused by pulling hairs from the follicles could result in folliculitis (an infection). 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), infections after laser removal are rare. The more common side effects include swelling, redness, and discomfort. The AAD notes that these usually only last for one to three days. Unlike wax, you aren't likely to have contact dermatitis or contact reaction from a laser. 

Your Hair Is Thick and Grows Quickly

Laser removal provides longer-lasting effects than waxing. Instead of a weekly or monthly hair removal treatment, you can go several months or possibly years in between laser procedures. After several treatments, your hair will look lighter and feel finer—especially if you start with thick, dark body hair. People with lighter-toned skin and darker hair often see the best results from a laser treatment, according to the AAD. 

You Don't Like the Feeling of Waxing

As the name implies, wax hair removal requires the esthetician or other cosmetic provider to coat your legs, face, or other areas (such as the bikini zone) with hot wax. While the wax isn't heated to a temperature that would burn the skin, some people find the experience uncomfortable. If you don't mind the hot wax, you may feel a greater sense of discomfort when the waxing professional quickly pulls the product off of your skin—ripping the hair from the follicles. 

Unlike waxing, laser removal won't pull hair from the skin. The pigment in the hair absorbs light from the laser. This turns into heat and damages the follicles. Some people feel a slight snapping or pinprick feeling at the treatment site. The laser treatment provider can use a numbing gel before the procedure begins to make you feel more comfortable.   

For more information about professional laser hair removal, contact a local company.