4 Facials For Every Skin Type

Facials are an excellent way to pamper yourself. A day at the spa could be just the thing you need to rejuvenate you after a hard week. However, you may not know that facials can also have excellent health benefits for your skin. Here are a few types of facials that you can try: 1. Hydrating facials The purpose of a hydrating facial is to bring much-needed moisture to your skin in order to approve your complexion. Read More 

Face Starting To Age? What You Can Do To Reverse The Hands Of Time

Father Time can be quite the formidable opponent. Regardless of how many years you may have enjoyed a youthful appearance, time has a way of stepping in and changing things up in very covert ways. The smile lines that used to quickly disappear when you relaxed your face might still stand strong long after the laughter is over, and the crinkles that once only appeared with worry never seem to go away. Read More 

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Waxed For The First Time

It can be a big hassle getting rid of unsightly body hair. Shaving is time-consuming, and hair typically grows back within a couple days. If you want to save time on your beauty routine and have smooth skin that lasts longer, you should consider body waxing. Waxing is quick, safe, and effective. Here are four things you should know before your first waxing appointment. 1. Let your hair grow. If you usually shave your body hair, you'll need to stop for a few days before visiting the waxing salon. Read More 

Basic Questions For Those Considering A Couples Massage

Receiving a massage can be an extremely rewarding and relaxing experience. Additionally, it can be particularly effective for couples to undergo massage together. It is common for couples to have questions before making reservations for their couples massage. Is Pain Supposed To Be A Normal Part Of Getting A Massage? Fears about pain and discomfort can be a common procedure for those that are worried about receiving a massage. Yet a skilled masseuse should be able to administer the massage without causing you to experience pain or discomfort. Read More 

What To Expect From A Weight Loss Program Offered By A Medical Spa

In theory, losing weight seems simple—a person just needs to burn more calories than they consume. But, in reality, losing weight is a struggle for many people and they find that they can't achieve the weight loss that they desire. In this type of situation, joining a weight loss program offered by a medical spa can provide solutions to the problem. When a medical spa offers weight loss programs, the program is overseen by a physician and other medical professionals. Read More